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TAS-Instrumentation Division offering a diverse range of advanced testing units and services for industries like automobiles, food, heavy metals, agro, electronics, and more. Trusted by clients such as Tata Aeronautical, Waaree Energies, and Bajaj Electricals.

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Fire test unit

Fire testing of solar panels is required by standards that evaluate the modules or systems.

Ammonia Corrosion test chamber

An ammonia corrosion test chamber for PV panels is used to evaluate potential failures in PV modules...

Weather Station for Solar Plant/Panel

A weather monitoring station (WMS) is a key component of a PV-Solar power plant.

Ignitability testing Chamber

Photovoltaic panel flammability test chambers are designed to test the flammability of photovoltaic panels .

Dynamic Mechanical Load Testing

A load impact tester for PV panels simulates real environmental challenges to measure panel...

PID Testing for Solar Modules

PID test is done as a quality assurance test for manufactured modules to expect how they will perform over

LID Testing for Solar Modules

Light Induced Degradation (LID) is a loss of performance of PV modules which happens in the very first...

Thermal Cycling Testing for Solar Modules

TC 200 refers to Thermal Cycling test. Thermal cycling is the test or process of cycling a material..

Damp Heat Testing For Solar Modules

The PV Damp Heat Test is an accelerated environmental aging test that determines the ability of the solar

Salt Mist Test Chamber

This methodology shall be used to perform the salt spray test standard according to ISO 9227-2017 in a corrosion chamber

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Cutting-Edge Technology: Clients choose TRIOS Automation and Controls for its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology in its testing units and instrumentation solutions, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of industry standards and advancements.
Proven Track Record: The trust placed in TRIOS is reinforced by its proven track record, with renowned clients like Tata Aeronautical and Waaree Energies attesting to the reliability and efficacy of the testing services provided by the company.
Diverse Industry Expertise: TRIOS caters to a wide range of industries, showcasing its versatility and deep understanding of diverse sectors. Clients appreciate the company's ability to tailor automation and control solutions to meet the specific needs and standards of different industries.

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Industries We Serve

Diverse Expertise for Various Sectors

Automobile Industry

Trios Automation excels in providing tailored automation solutions for the automobile industry, enhancing manufacturing processes, and ensuring efficiency in production lines.

Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances

Leveraging advanced technologies, Trios Automation delivers precision and innovation to the consumer electronics and home appliances sector, optimizing manufacturing for cutting-edge products.

Electrical & Pharma

With a focus on safety and efficiency, Trios Automation specializes in automation services for the electrical industry, as well as providing comprehensive solutions for the pharmaceutical sector.

Food Processing & Packaging

Trios Automation plays a vital role in the food processing and packaging industry, offering seamless automation solutions that contribute to enhanced productivity and quality in food manufacturing.

Agro-based Industries

In the agro-based sector, Trios Automation provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of agricultural processes, contributing to increased efficiency and sustainable practices in the industry.

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Trios Automation serves a wide range of industries, including the automobile industry, consumer electronics, home appliances, electrical and pharma, food processing, packaging, and agro-based industries.

Trios Automation offers a comprehensive range of services, including special purpose machine manufacturing, industrial electrical control panels, installation and commissioning services, maintenance and modification projects, and more.

Yes, Trios Automation specializes in designing and manufacturing custom automation solutions tailored to meet specific industrial needs.

Trios Automation has had the privilege of serving esteemed clients such as Waree Energies Limited, Bajaj Electricals Limited, Trinity Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Mapro Garden LLP., and others. View our Clients page for more details.

You can reach Trios Automation at our registered office in Pune, India, or through email at For quick inquiries, you can also contact us at +91 9822101668.

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Nainko Exim Limited
LEDTV manufacturer

Their unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency has significantly enhanced our manufacturing processes, making them a trusted ally in our journey of producing high-quality LEDTVs.

Minda Private Limited
Die Casting

Their tailored solutions, especially in the field of die casting, have proven instrumental in optimizing our manufacturing processes. With a commitment to quality and efficiency.

Mahyco Seeds
Agricultual Industry

Their comprehensive automation solutions have not only improved operational efficiency but have also elevated the precision and innovation in our agricultural processes.

Bajaj Electricals Limited
Consumer Electricals

Their expertise in delivering bespoke automation for consumer electricals has enhanced our manufacturing capabilities, ensuring efficiency, precision, and quality in our production processes.

Waree Energies Limited
Solar Energy

Trios Automation has been a key contributor to the success of Waree Energies Limited in the solar energy sector. Their innovative automation solutions have played a crucial role in optimizing our solar energy equipment testing processes.

Electronica Machine Tools Limited
Machine Tools

Their expertise in providing total automation system solutions has significantly enhanced our machine tools manufacturing processes.